Child health care at 6 months

Ideally, you need to take care of the baby health. This would be in relation to infant formula or breast milk till the age of 1 year. Sometimes the baby may be ready for a cup but it could prove out to be a lot messy as well. You should not put the baby to bed with a bottle. The baby would go on to consider it more of a security object. The net result would be too difficult to wean it from them as well. If you leave the bottle at night with the baby it would lead to tooth decay as well. The chances of infection could also increase as well.

Any cereals that you are planning to give to your child have to be with breast milk or formula as well. It would be better if you feed your baby with an infant feeder. When you sit up and make the baby eats, it does help them to eat in a better way. In case if you do not go on to start the baby on foods it does make sense to do it now. You can get the ball rolling with vegetables and fruits. Do start off with one food at a time and ensure that the baby goes on to digest it well. Meats should not be given to the baby until they are 8 months old. Do keep them away from food which you do not chew as well. You need to breastfeed your baby before they are given any sort of formula foods as well.


Once the babies go on to the age they find themselves in a position where they are able to sit on their own. Babies are known to scramble and laugh on their own as well. The chances are that they are going to be afraid of people whom they are not even aware. The key would be to meet the needs of the baby and as far as possible be patient with the baby. If you need any help do seek the advice of your health care provider and there is nothing to feel overwhelmed by this occasion.

The question of 6 months baby would ensure that you would not like to put them in bed. Their favourite accessories are going to make it a lot easy for them to sleep. It would be prudent on your part to develop bedtime habits like a kiss or it could be playing a game as well. Ideally, you need to follow the routine in a proper manner. Whatever routine you need to follow ensure that you do follow it in a proper manner. Do seek the help of your doctor if you need any form of information to assist you as well. Just a gentle reminder though when the baby happens to sleep do not put in the bottle.

Do follow the above tips as this would help you to take care of the baby.