3 perfect Yoga positions to Lose weight


Yoga is an excellent way to give strength to your muscles, reduce the stress and can lose weight. With a little daily workout, you can quickly make your body set just the way you like. But practicing yoga will affect more parts than your waistline.

But it has been seen that it can improve your flexibility and respiration with a strong sense of calm and make you feel peace from inner and can create an overall mental and physical balance of postures for your well being. Many people don’t know how to lose weight by doing exercises that are good for them.

You have to put unleash your full strength for three poses that are most important like increase your stamina, back, shoulders, and arms, and most of all strengthen your legs to make a perfect balance. The reason to reach a level of stability is the very foundation of strength and power will help you to face more challenging exercises.

You have to make sure your primary focus during practice on these three postures. Hold your breath for each pose for three to five stable times as you will see yourself become stronger. If you hold the poses longer then you have to take eight breaths at a time. You check out more on https://www.dietsinreview.com/diet_column/06/sletrokor-review/  to get a better idea.

  1. Warrior I pose:

Begin with standing up straight and then extend your legs behind you, bend your knees it so it could get directly to your ankle with head shoulders and knees that you have to point towards left foot. Then raise your hand and palms facing one another at each point, then look up at the ceiling.

As you take a breath and relax your shoulder while holding the position for 1 minute. Now lower your arms and bring your left leg slowly back into the reverse situation. Repeat the pose by extending your right leg back.

  1. Anjanette Pose:

To begin this first stand with your feet and point your toes forward, and arms at the sides. Now, raise your arms over your head and look fingertips to the ceiling. Then bend forward from your hips and bring hands to the floor.

Next, extend your leg back with a lunge and raise your arms over your head. Stay still in this position and take few breaths and repeat it with another leg also this is the more straightforward way to yoga positions.

  1. Havana Pose:

First sit with your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor and hands on your thighs. Raise your feet, so your calves to get the floor. With your toes pointed. Extend your arms and legs together. Next, inhale and lower your torso, and your body will form in a V shape repeat this at least five times so your waist could get thin.

These are some yoga positions for losing weight. Try this, and you will see the results you are looking for.