What Were The Best Moments Of The 2018 Academy Awards?

Every actor wants to win awards as they keep him motivated to work more efficiently.  Every actor dreams of becoming famous, and he/she works so hard to fulfill his/her dreams. The awards are the recognition of their hard work and efforts. They show that the person has played a fantastic role in his/her capacity. One of the awards every Hollywood actor and actress wishes to win is the Oscar. The Oscar is not just an award it is the appreciation that makes the artist feels happy and convinces him to work even harder in the coming years.

90th Academy Awards 2018:

You may have heard about the famous academy awards that held annually in the United States Of America. The Academy of motion pictures arts and sciences held these awards every year to recognize excellence in the cinema. The purpose of giving Oscar is to acknowledge and appreciate artist’s work in the cinematic achievements. Every artist wishes to win the Oscar every year, but only those can win who give the excellent performances.

The 90th academy award ceremony was held in the year 2018 in a night full of predictions. The artists were expecting to get the awards as they had given the memorable performance in the previous year. Indeed it was a remarkable night when the winners were giving some emotional and touching speeches.

Memorable moments of academy award 2018:

Every award has something more than giving the golden statue. You enjoy many things besides seeing your favorite actor or actress getting recognition of his/her work through receiving the golden awards. But there were a few memorable moments that made the night even more entertaining:

You may have heard or read about the sexual harassment scandal in the Hollywood in the past few months. Jimmy Kimmel’s in his opening monologue said that the statue of the Oscar is the most beloved and respected man in the Hollywood. He said, see where he has his hands and he never says something rude. He then said that we need more people like the statue of the Oscars in the town. No doubt it was a bold opening monologue in the situation when Hollywood has seen the history’s most significant scandal.

Another significant moment in the academy awards was when they remembered all the actors and of course the technicians who contributed in the cinema. Indeed without the technicians, it is not possible to create incredible movies. Also, they remembered the famous Indian actors Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi who have passed away.

The famous director Guillermo del Toro in his winning speech pointed out towards a social issue saying that he is an immigrant and the industry helps to minimize the lines in the sand.

Director is the person who observes the real-life situations and then turns the script into reality. Hollywood has produced various directors who have contributed a lot to the industry such as Bob Simond and Guillermo del Toro. You can see Bob Simonds in Hollywood Reporter.